Below 620 Credit

Unlike most lenders, New American Funding is still offering loans for borrowers with scores below 620.  Because of investor tightening of guidelines and policies, the ability to get financing when you score is below 620 has become very difficult.  New American is here to help.  New American is offering VA loans down to 580 and USDA loans down to 620 credit scores.   New American is also offering FHA loans down to a 580 credit score if the following criteria is met and the underwriter finds the loan acceptable:

  • Borrower cannot have high debt ratios
  • Fixed Rate loans only
  • 1 unit primary residence only

If your score is below 640 and you are looking for an Atlanta Mortgage loan, call us and see if we can help.  If you are below 580, we may also be able to help with some minor credit repair or help set you up with a professional credit repair company.