2010 Georgia Mortgage Limits

ga-pic2Georgia Conventional conforming loan limits will remain unchanged for 2010.  The current conforming limit for a GA Mortgage is $417,000 and will remain the same for 2010.  The only exception to this in Georgia, is Greene County, which is where Lake Oconee is located.  The Greene County conforming limit will also remain unchanged, but will stand at $515,200.

As far as Georgia FHA loans, these limits will also remain unchanged for 2010.  FHA loan limits vary by county and whether the property is multi-unit or not.  For most of metro Atlanta, the single family FHA limit is $346,250.  As you go out to more rural areas, that limit drops to $271,050. conforming loan limits are usually updated only once a year, so we will see if there will be a change for 2011, about this time next year.

If you have a question about GA Mortgage limits, feel free to contact us for more information.

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