homesoldChoosing the right mortgage program for your individual needs is a difficult task these days. Until recently, consumers had literally thousands of programs to choose from and mortgage loan or refinancing approval was a relatively simple process. The recession and recent credit crunch has changed the game considerably, there are far fewer products to choose from and lenders are scrutinizing real property investments and their values much closer.

Products such as Reverse Mortgages, Option ARM’s, and Interest Only ARM’s are much harder to obtain or in most cases have completely gone away.  Mortgage programs and the Federal guidelines that govern them are changing almost daily in this fast-paced environment and only a seasoned loan consultant who stays on top of the market can offer you the best long-term options for refinancing your mortgage or purchasing a new home. I spend a great deal of time researching the market to ensure that you are provided with the latest information, the best program options to fit your needs, and that your transaction is completed smoothly and on-time.

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