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Today’s Guest Blog Post Courtesy of Richard Wilson with Allstate

save-money-picThe current economy is leaving many consumers with questions on how to save money on their household insurance cost. The following suggestions are guaranteed ways to save, however, I do not recommend any changes until you speak with your personal agent.

Are you ticket and accident free in the last three years, consider taking a defensive driving course or on-line safety course. Many of these courses will only take approximately 8 hours to complete and cost on average less than $75. In fact if your company will accept an on-line safety course there is a great one available at that will cost $19.95 or $15.95 for current members. The best part is there is no age requirement for this course. Make sure you talk to your agent to see if you qualify for these discounts before you spend your hard earned money. The major companies in the industry require no accidents and a clean driving record for the last three years to be eligible. Once you provide a copy of your certificate of completion you will save an average of 10% on the at-fault coverage (liability and collision) which are usually the more expensive coverage on your policy and the discounts are good for 3 years on your eligible vehicle. This is a great way to save especially if you have multiple cars and multiple drivers that qualify.

Are you taking advantage of your company’s multi-policy discount, this is a no brainer? Your insurance carrier is going to save you on all your policies just for allowing them to insure them and not the competition. For instance if you have home with company A and auto with company B, why not compare the two against each other to see which would be a greater benefit. Some companies offer a combined discount of 30% or more in some cases and to put the icing on the cake, this is a discount that you will never lose, unless you change carriers, no matter how many tickets, accidents, or claims you have. Besides, the savings, imagine the time you can save when you have a situation arise, if you can handle all of your policies by making one simple phone call.

Do you have an emergency fund? If your answer is yes, consider increasing your deductibles on all of your policies. Insurance companies are willing to part a great percentage of your premium if you self insure for a greater portion of the risk. An emergency fund is for an emergency so why do you continue to carry a low deductible in the event of an accident, fire, or storm. These would all be considered emergencies and therefore if you have set aside the money, take advantage of the savings. Contact your agent and find out what maximizing your deductibles can do for you, in many cases, it will save you hundreds of dollars per year on your premium that could be well spent elsewhere.

These are some tips for further savings on your insurance for the years to come. Again, always discuss your options with your personal agent, to make sure they are right for you, but, I can guarantee savings with the above tips no matter what company you are with. If you have further questions or would like a personal review of your insurance, feel free to contact me via email at

Richard Wilson

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