Georgia Home Buyers need a Professional Home Inspection

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You’ve searched and found a home that fits your family.  Now it’s time to make sure it’s safe, sound and will stand the test of time. You need a professional inspector working with only your best interest to determine the condition of the home.  The naked eye usually only uncovers cosmetic items & minor repairs, IF it is visible to the naked eye.  Many major repairs are not fully visible and you need a professional certified inspector who knows what signs of problems to look for.  Even Georgia builders/remodelers have relied upon our, 5-star rated inspection service   Did you know that foreclosures have no sellers disclosures? And, many short sales don’t either. This is now more than half the market that you will have no history on your home.  Also, many homes are located in counties where codes were not enforced when they were built… Yes, even though you may not be in that scenario, the vast majority of homes have thousands of dollars in repairs to be made whether it be code violations, structural defects, latent defects, safety, health hazards or simple wear and tear

In a  majority of inspections, you can have the seller repair the items or you can negotiate the repair moneys off of the price. Even the homes that did enforce codes when built,…the County inspector may have only spend 5-10 minutes if you’re lucky, at the home.  How does that compare to our normal 3-5 hour inspection, 40+/- page report, w/a 500+ point checklist, summary & photos + repair cost estimates? It doesn’t.  That is why it is so smart to get inspection during your due diligence period, to be fully informed PRIOR to closing, or if at all possible it is BEST to do prior to writing an offer.  You will only pay hundreds for an inspection, but possibly save thousands and have peace of mind that your family is safe and you have not bought a money pit.

M.Scott Webb
Rated top 10% Nationwide
20+ Years Experienced Builder/Remodeler

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