203K Renovation Loans

There is a misconception about the limitations of the HUD 203k renovation amount.  Many lenders state that you can’t do renovation projects that exceed $35,000.  The fact is true, however misleading.  Many lenders are not approved to do a full 203k loan and can only do a 203k streamline which has a limit of only $35,000.   A full or traditional 203k is limited up to the maximum Georgia FHA loan amount for the area the house is in.
Make sure your lender is approved to do a full 203k renovation loan. This may allow you to get more renovation funds to complete projects such as adding a master suite, a second floor or even a garage.

Many lenders that state they know the 203k renovation loan but in reality the lenders that know the program well are very limited. Ask your lender a few questions such as:

1.    Are they approved to do a full 203k and if they can’t, find one that is. Don’t settle for less when the possibilities could be so much more.

2.    Do they have full time staff dedicated to the 203k program?

Here are a few examples of some recent projects showing some of the possibles of the 203K renovation loan.

Before – One story house approx. 800 SF

After – Three story house approx. 3,000 SF










After – With a Custom Kitchen

After – Plus many Custom Features










Before – Average House

After – Average House – Nicely Painted









After – With a Built-out Basement

After – Plus a 2 Story Garage









My name is John Fendley and I have been a certified Georgia 203K Consultant for over 15 years.  When you get ready to start your Georgia 203K Renovation project, give me a call 678-957-6269.

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