February’s GA Realtor® of the Month

Melody Parker

My job is to get homes sold and help potential buyers find their dream home.  Fortunately, in my 6 years in the real estate business, I’ve succeeded in doing that.  Even in this tough market, I’ve excelled as a top agent in South Forsyth.  I work for both buyers and sellers and would like to share with you how I’m able to beat the odds in this difficult market for my clients.

If you are listing your home, you should know the 6 factors affecting the value of your home; square footage, location, condition, terms, market and price.   Buyers are number savvy in today’s market.  They want to know that the price per square foot is fair and represents a good investment.  No longer can prestigious neighborhood home owners put their homes on the market at elevated prices, and expect them to sell simply because of the luxury upgrades.   Location will play a big role in the home’s value.  The better the location the more buyers will be willing to pay.   The state of the economy determines whether it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market.  Financing terms available to buyers make it either harder or easier for purchasers to get a loan thus affecting the cost.  All these factors combine to create the housing market.

Owners of course, don’t have control over 4 of the 6 factors; however they do have control over the condition and price of the home.   In my role as your agent, I can reveal some secrets to help you beat the market.

Condition of the home: To help sellers get their home looking warm and inviting, I give my sellers a complimentary staging package.  If buyers cannot connect with a property and imagine themselves living in the home, then they will not make an offer on that home.  Staging is about illusions.  My stager will make recommendations on how to obtain the results needed.  Cleaning, de-cluttering, disassociating yourself with your home, staging and minor improvements have proven to pay off tremendously, by selling faster for top dollar.

Price: The best way to get the highest profit in a short amount of time is to get the 5 other factors in sync.   If one of the 6 ingredients is out of proportion, then the price must be adjusted to attract buyers.  As your agent, I guide the sellers in determining the appropriate price to sell their home quickly.  Why is selling quickly so important?  If a market is declining, the highest price a seller can receive is soon after the home comes on the market.  If sellers have priced it incorrectly, they will lose that opportunity and lose money each day the home remains on the market, without receiving an offer.    Incorrect pricing costs sellers in the end.   I use a multitude of advanced technology tools to analyze the market conditions.

In working with buyers, I use my refined and in-depth knowledge to a buyer’s advantage.  I help them invest in their future.  I help them build their personal wealth by guiding them to prime deals.  I can help buyers complete normal resale purchases or more complicated transactions such as short sales or foreclosures.

Should you need a realtor, please give me a call.  I have a record of integrity and personal service as I have worked with buyers and sellers in Gwinnett, North Fulton, Forsyth and Cherokee County.

Melody Parker
Suwanee Home Sales

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