December’s GA Realtor® of the Month

It is my business to sell houses.  Just as it has always been, the following applies in any real estate market: price, location and motivation.  A client that is ready, willing and able to buy or sell is always a huge factor in the success of a transaction.  Another key component is “hiring”-yes hiring-the right Real Estate Agent to work with you in achieving your real estate goal(s).  There are various niches within the sales arena, and hiring the agent who specializes in the niche you need is very important.  Real Estate is a complex, detailed and emotional business.

If your goal is to avoid foreclosure-   Hire an agent who focuses on Atlanta Short Sales.

The outcome of a short-sale is going to be as good as the agent you hire and your own motivation from day 1, until closing. Don’t hire someone who has only taken a seminar or read a book, who is negative about real estate or just hasn’t accepted the reality of what the business is now.  You don’t want someone that has you do all of the work.  Hire someone who is a specialist in short-sales.  Specialist meaning: day to day focus, training, and majority of sales are short-sale transactions.

My career in real estate began in college when working as a Mortgage Processor while obtaining my Real Estate Bachelors Degree.  I spent 4 years in the banking industry, then on to sales, beginning with Luxury Homes in Buckhead, then managing new construction communities across Metro Atlanta.  Upon the large increase in foreclosure activity, it quickly dawned on me, every foreclosure is a pre-foreclosure first.  Although short-sales have been around for about 25 years or so, it was not a part of real estate training whatsoever.  It wasn’t until sometime in late 2008 that the training courses became available to the real estate community.   I knew that I must reinvent how I do business in order to help homeowners sell their home in a dignified manner.  Systems, extreme attention to detail, and a desire to help distressed homeowners, is why homeowners hire me to help with their Short-Sale.

Christy Cole, Short Sale Specialist
Direct 678-300-3756

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