Why Realtors use New American Funding

realtorI often ask Agents, what is the most important attribute of a mortgage lender?  Almost unanimously the answer is, “A loan officer that answers their phone.”  Agents do not want to wait hours or days for you to call them back, answer important questions or pre-approve their clients.  Since this is most important to agents, I make it a priority for myself.  Ask any agent that I have worked with over  the years and they will tell you, “He answers his phone.”  Obviously there are a lot of other qualities that an agent looks for in a Georgia mortgage lender.  Here are a few that I have found that are important to Georgia Real Estate Agents:

  • Experience

Agents want a loan officer that has experience closing loans and is familiar with all types of products.  It is also important that a lender is familiar with short-sales, foreclosures, HUD homes and USDA loans.

  • Products

Realtors® need to know their lender has access to products that fit their client’s needs.  The lender must have the products and have knowledge of the products.  Caliber Home Loans has 100’s of products including FHA, VA, USDA, 203k, Conventional and Jumbo.  One other advantage New American Funding has is the ability to broker.  If there is a product we don’t have, we can broker it out.

  • Communication

At New American Funding, we feel that communication is very important.  Communication is not only important to you as an agent, but it is also important to the buyer and the listing agent.  That it why we communicate with all parties throughout the loan process.

  • Quick Closings

A Realtor® does not want to wait 60 days for their client’s loan to close and get paid.   This is one reason why New American Mortgage felt it was important to keep in-house processing and underwriting.  A lot of banks and other lenders in Georgia have gone to regional underwriting and processing centers.  They felt like it was okay to sacrifice service to save a few bucks.  Problem is, it doesn’t save much money and it slows down the process.  New American Funding has a quick close guarantee.  We are the only company in Atlanta bold enough to offer this.

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