Why Builders Use New American Funding

New American Funding works with most of the top builders in Georgia.  Here  are some of reasons why builders want to work with New American Funding.

  • Experience

We know what builders want and expect.  They want to know exactly how the loan is going throughout the entire process.  Builders expect prompt communication and reporting.

  • Availability

Georgia Builders expect that when their agents need a loan question answered or a pre-approval, a loan officer is available.

  • Quick Closings

Builders want loans closed as fast as possible.  New American Funding delivers on this with our quick close guarantee.  In-house underwriting is a must for Georgia builders.  They want local, quick decision making.

  • Customer Service

Georgia Builders want their clients treated with courtesy and respect.  Builders want a mortgage company that can help market them.  Builders want a mortgage company that can help them communicate with co-op agents.

  • Agent Education

We work with your agents to help explain changes in Georgia mortgages.  We offer access to continuing education, listing flyers and other tools that agents need.

  • Understands the Market

This is one of the main reason builders work with New American Funding.  We understand the building market and all of the changes that are going on.  We know what it takes to sell homes in this market.  We have the products you need to fit your customers needs.

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